The Best Japanese Rock: A YouTube Music Video Collection

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One Ok Rock

One Ok Rock got their name from their practice time, One O’Clock.  Japanese makes no distinction between r’s and l’s, so One O’Clock sounds like One O-kuroku – which was modified to the name they are now famous by.  Morita Takahiro’s surgeon knife vocals are what sets this band on top for me.


恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド (Koi no aibou Kokoro no kupido)

東京事変 (Tokyo Incidents)

After leaving a solo career as a pop artist, Shina Ringo started a fusion band know as Tokyo Jihen (Tokyo Incidents).  I consider this ultimate dance music.

群青日和 (Gunjou Biyori)

遭難 (Sounan)

Abingdon Boys School

Takanori Nishikawa (aka T.M. Revolution) has a vibrato vocal style that I’ve never heard of before.  Aside from being slightly over-produced, this band is definitely one of my favorite karaoke choices.

Innocent Sorrow


Blade Chord


This instrumental math rock band will blow your mind.  They put together so many poly-rhythms that it makes the mouths of physicists drop.

Infinite Mirror

Ghost Dance

Bump of Chicken

One of the more well known Japanese bands.  Everyone in Japan knows Bump.

カルマ (Kharma)


五月雨 (Satsuki Ame – May Rain)

This isn’t exactly one of my favorite bands, but for nostalgic purposes I really wanted to add this song.  It was the opening song for my band’s debut in Japan.  The first song I ever played at a real gig.


2 Responses to “The Best Japanese Rock: A YouTube Music Video Collection”

  1. Rocky says:

    I’m usually not a big fan of Asian music, but I do like this video (particularly the hard rock breakdown).
    Also, I liked the video’s you posted. Particularly One OK Rock.

  2. William says:

    Sadly, seven or so of these links no longer work. I gather that you’re not impressed by SMAP’s 14th consecutive #1 in a row 😉