Refine Your Music Library

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I’m an engineer by nature.  We love equations and efficiency and numbers and stuff like that.  So lets take an engineer’s perspective look into your music library.  Assume Q is the quality coefficient of your music library, L is the number of songs you like, and N is the number of songs in your music library.


The greater Q is, the greater the quality of the song library.

There are two ways of improving Q (Quality of your music library).  First is to increase L (Liked songs), and second is decreasing N (# of songs in library) that is not L.

Increase L

This is easy for most people, and pretty much self explanatory – Add songs you like to your library.  Here are some places that might help you find new music:



Internet Radio – choose an artist or song, and Pandora will play similar music



Like Pandora, but with a community



Interactive WebRadio – choose between multiple genres and moods to play music you like

You can also use the Genius function in iTunes, but I’m not very familiar with this.

Decrease N which is not L

This is a step which I think many people don’t do, and probably haven’t ever thought about doing it.  I think you’ll agree what a great benefit it can have on your hard drive and iPod.

Seriously man, you have how many DAYS of music on your computer?  Nobody cares!  Yeah, maybe I’m impressed by the sheer amount of GB your music library has accumulated over the years, but how much of those 33.68 GB is good music?  The only way to decrease the bad songs in your library is to delete them.

As a general rule, when playing my library on shuffle – I delete songs that I skip more than once.

Excommunicate these sound leeches from your life forever.  They’re taking up time and concentration that could be focused on listening to music you actually like.

“But I like all of my music!” you say.    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –     Unabashed Lies!  If your library is larger than a thirteen year old’s, and you’ve never deleted anything, then I can guarantee you still have music you don’t like and would be glad to get rid of.  Bite the bullet, and delete.

Think of your library like you would a brick of gold.  Would you want a bunch of impurities messing up the quality of your gold?  No!  You’d take out all the extra junk so that your gold would be beautiful.  Make your library shine like gold.

Wow, this post grew a lot longer than I planned.  Anyway, thanks for reading. Until next time,

Happy Listening!