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Introducing The New Band: Dying Blynd (with hightlights from our most recent show!)

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you, for the very first time – Dying Blynd – my band.

Lead Vocals – Eureka Gale
Drums – Kenneth Alan
Bass/Backing Vocals – Sven Johnson
Rythym Guitar – Brook Nelson
Lead Guitar – John Marshall (me)

We play symphonic metal/rock, with a definite progressive bent. I’ll leave the lucid genre descriptions to the critics, journalists, and fans, but I do want to share some of our recent work with you. I have been with Dying Blynd since June 2012, all the while secretly building and creating sound-scapes for the masses. We had our first show June 14th, which you’ll see in the videos.

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As little bit of history, Dying Blynd has actually been in existence since 2005 with different members. They had a good long stint from 2005 to 2008 writing music and playing shows locally here in Colorado. You can find their music free on MySpace, and the EP for purchase on CD Baby. The only existing member of the previous band, our current leader and visionary, Brook Nelson still owns the rights to this music, so any proceeds will go to benefit the current band. Show your support by purchasing the old EP! (Jezebel is one of my favorites.)


You can find more music at