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How to Write a Personal Mission Statement

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Writing a personal mission statement can be daunting, especially because it’s hard to know where to start. I put it off and put it off until I finally made the resolve to finish it. Ironically, resolving to finish things is one of the topics I point to in my mission statement!

I’ve spent about 16 hours over the past three weekends writing my personal mission statement/statement of values. As you can see in my journal entries below, I distilled out the most important virtues and described them in the most concise way possible. I want to be able to read it each morning (that is to memorize it), so it must be short. A guy at Starbucks recommended I make a single statement as my mission statement. Something like Nike: “Just do it”.  The more I thought about it the less I liked the idea because it didn’t give me room to explain my philosophy on life in enough detail. I want to be specific, but with a broad stroke at the same time. I feel I have done a good job.

My wish is that it will inspire you to write your own personal mission statement, and give you at least one example of a thought process to follow. You can use my method, or if you have something that worked for you feel free to share.

My Personal Mission Statement

Today, and each day, I resolve:

I AM SELFLESS – Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind; with humility consider others better than yourself and actively seek to serve them. (cf Mat22.37)

I AM A LIGHT – You are the light of the world; in word and deed, in every facet of life, lead others to truth and to excellence by breaking ground; speak the word of truth with boldness. (cf Mat5.14, Mat28.19, Acts4.29)

I AM FAITHFUL – By diligence and obedience to the Father, keep the promises you make; be respectful of your authorities. (cf 2Cor5.7)

I AM AUDACIOUS – Be courageous and struggle for righteousness always; do not fear mistakes; be daring and decisive in the face of uncertainty.

I AM RIGHTEOUS – Do not tolerate hypocrisy, dishonesty, or injustice in yourself or others; think innocently and always speak truth.

I AM CHASTE – Honor God with your eyes and body, using venery in moderation and in it’s proper place; flee from sexual immorality, taking every thought captive for the Lord. (cf 1Cor6.18)

I AM INNOVATIVE – Set aside time to think and time to create; use resources wisely to seek effective and simple solutions to problems.

I AM INDUSTRIOUS – Be always employed in something useful; resolve obligation over what you ought; perform to completion what you resolve.

I AM INQUISITIVE – Maintain an insatiable curiosity; go to extremes, with people and things, to understand them deeply.

I AM ORDERLY – Put first things first, maintaining a balanced life; let everything have a place, and be in it’s place; perpetuate cleanliness in body, clothes, and habitation. (cf 1Cor14.33)

I AM TEMPERATE – Eliminate excess and avoid overuse, being content in situation and possession; own only what is necessary, without ostentation. (cf Ecc7.18, Phil4.12)

I AM FULL OF LIFE – Lead a strenuous life, exercising regularly, and maintaining a natural diet for optimal health. (cf The Strenuous Life – Roosevelt)