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Hey guys, this is officially the first post.  Right now it’s 20:52 on August 4, 2009, in Japan anyway.  I’ve been doing quite the sprint in getting the site layout done.  I had to teach myself HTML, php, css, and a bunch of other internet programming languages to get it up.  It was dang fun though.  Its so rewarding to work out all the problems that come up, and and then finally see the results of your hard work.  There are still quite a few buggy spots, and a lot of empty space, which will hopefully get filled in soon.  I’ve just got to hunker down and pump out the text.  I’ve definitely got a lot of things I want to talk about.

At the moment I’m doing a year long foreign exchange program in Japan, where eating sushi and going to karaoke are a regular occurrence.  Actually, my avatar (the pic next to my comments) was taken while during a 6 hour karaoke marathon with my friends.  My voice was so tired I could hardly say “konnichiwa” to any of the beautiful Japanese girls on the way home.  They must have thought I was a wolverine, with my beardy beard and scratchy voice and all.

OK, ok, so on to something relevant.  I’ve joined a band here in Sendai, and I we’ve got a concert coming up in a few days.  We chose three songs to play, and have been practicing those for about three months.  It’s a ridiculously long time to practice for only one event, but my band-mates are too busy with school to practice more than once a week.  Practice room time is also very strict because everything in Japan is so dang small.  I’d like to practice everyday if possible, but it just ain’t gonna happen.  Anyway, we’ll make our debut/final show on the 11th, and I’ll leave for home on the 12th.  I couldn’t think of a better way to end my year here in Japan.

Note: I’m not afraid to write about my personal life, but I do hope to write posts that are useful and intended for a greater audience in the future…  But you can probably read more about that in the About Page.


One Response to “First Post”

  1. FANGJIAN LIN says:

    Sorry for not attending your show on 11th. But I got many nice pics from you! Okay, that’s enough.
    Oh, I got news from Tokyo this morning, and they told me that “you application will approved.” Excited? I am, even though the visa approval is not within my hand.
    Eeeeeto, two eggs—>potential visit??
    Oh, Great!